Criminal and OWI Defense

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Whether you are flat out wrongly accused, or accused of a crime worse than actually committed, it can be one of the most stressful and difficult times in your life. Believe me, I know. I’ve been practicing criminal defense law for 25 years in over 2,000 cases. I’ve seen that unsettling worry in your stomach and the fear that creeps through the back of your mind. My clients have made these feelings well known to me.

The difficulties you and these people face are part of what make me so passionate about practicing law. Through this passion, I have helped clients see that justice is preserved and watched as their lives go back to normal. From Drunk Driving to 1st Degree Murder, I have experience serving clients charged with all of the following:

  • All Felonies
  • Homicides
  • Drug Related Cases
  • Armed Robbery
  • All misdemeanors
  • Drunk Driving
  • Traffic Cases
  • Juvenile Cases

If you believe that you have a legitimate case and are looking for someone to fight aggressively for your rights, please contact my office at (608)-695-2344